Vibration Sensor


The micro vibration sensor is used for the detection of slight movements and vibrations by means of a mobile micro sphere. 
With the aid of tool-specific evaluation electronics, the micro vibration sensor controls the operation of movement-sensitive tools. The micro vibration sensor is utilised for converting many systems to environmentally friendly devices by implementing wake-up and power-down logic to conserve battery power and bringing energy consumption to a minimum, pushing the availability of green technology and green electronics into new areas of design and application. The sensor is typically used for applications such as front and rear bicycle lights, bike computers, remote controls, electronic lock systems, transponders, mobile GPS systems, bluetooth-car-kits, wireless sensor networks, wireless PC mice and headsets, digital multimeters and tools provided with digital displays that are only switched on when in motion. 

A mobile, gilded micro sphere is located inside the hollow space of a multi-layer circuit board. When moving, the micro sphere bridges two gilded contacts by switching over from a high resistive to a low resistive state. 

-Fully automatically SMD-mountable 
-Gilded sphere and contact areas 
-no mercury 
-R_ON < 100 Ohm 
-R_OFF > 30 Mega Ohm 
-Response level approx. 50 mg 
-Temperature range -20°C - +70°C 
-Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.8 x 2.4 x 1.6 mm 
-Silent sphere motion


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The miniature vibration sensor is a multifunctional tool for many applications. With the aid of tool specific evaluation electronics, the miniature vibration sensor controls the operation of movement-sensitive tools. In the following, some application examples are given: .Front and rear bicycle lights .Bike computers .Electronic Lock Systems .Remote Controls with colour display .Mobile GPS navigation systems .Wireless headsets and earphones .Smart Sensors/ security and monitoring .Toys .Portable digital multimeters and tools with digital displays .Wireless computer mice