Camera Signal Processor (CSP)


Since the conception of camera phones, more and more pixels are in demand. From VGA resolution to higher mega pixel resolutions, the distinction between digital camera and camera phone resolution is becoming faint. 

The Camera Signal Processor (CSP) significantly enhances image quality and provides various features closing the gap the separates digital cameras and camera phones. Vibrant photographs of scenery, friends, objects, and much more decorate displays and are printed preserving unique moments in time. 

As a required component for high resolution mobile cameras, CSP is recognized as a leading solution in the high-end mobile camera industry. 

Key Features:Auto Focus, Optical Zoom Lens Control, Image Compensation, Mechanical Shutter, Digital Image Stabilization, Adaptive Luminance, Face/Motion Recognition, Smart Scene Detection, Hand Motion Tracking and more. 

For more information, please visit or contact Mr. Brian Huang at Seraphim,solution partner of Mtekvision, tel: 26984660 ext. 257 or email to  


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