News Release

Take your devices to the next level with our MS5838-02BA02 pressure sensor module.

Expanding on TE Connectivity's (TE) MS5838 series of ultra-compact digital altimeters, our new generation 2 bar models offer options for improved endurance in chlorine environments and shielding for reduced signal noise and interference. This new generation of sensor modules was developed by TE with leading MEMS technology and our proven experience in design and manufacturing of altimeter modules.

Optimized for consumer devices such as wearables, multisport watches and fitness trackers the MS5838-02BA’s robust sensor package enables it to withstand harsh  environments often encountered in these applications.

For more infomation, please contact Mr. Lonty Chou at Seraphim, Taiwan distributor of TESS Tel: (02)6615-8281 ext. 249 or email

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