Company Profile

Seraphim Engineering Co. Ltd was founded in May, 1979 as a professional electronic component distributor and solution provider. With more than thirty years's efforts and cultivation in target market, our yearly sales revenue has grown significantly. Our product lines include more than 20 prestigious brand names such as LSI, Citel, Clare, Epson Toyocom, Excelitas(FormerPerkinElmer), Jeilin, MEAS, Honeywell, RFIC, Xenon and so on. The number of vendor is still growing,for details, please referto Line Card List.

Seraphim not only distributes outstanding brand components, but also provides complete platform solutions for our customers.At present, Seraphim has developed platform solutions focusing in Camera, Mobile phone, Wired & Wireless Communication, Computer, Medical Care and Digital Family, LED etc. We can supply customers the best product package and solutions. For details, please visit Platform Solutions.

Seraphim at a Glance

  • Property:Electronic component distributor
  • Founded:1979
  • Capital:US$ 4.62 M
  • Headquarter:Taipei
  • China contact window